Annual events in Central Saxony which might be of interest for you

Here we'd like to present you some chosen traditions and customs in the people's life of Central Saxony which play an important role in the course of the year. That way The Central Saxony Discoverer wants to invite you to travel here and experience how the Saxon people get along with them. Let's start with the festival of the "Central Saxon Culture Summer" which is held from July to September every year.

Foolish time from the 11th of November on

On the 11th of November of every year the fools are out in some Cenral Saxon regions. The fools who are mostly members of a carneval club start to prepare their carneval activities

Carneval is the time where the foolish trouble comes to an end. It's mostly celebrated in February. The highlights to celebrate is Shrove Monday and Shrove Tuesday. On these two days are held well-decorated music with a lot of fun, music and dance. On Ash Wednesday all foolish trouble is over. Fastening time up to Easter will start.

Easter time

Walpurgis night and 1st May

It's celebrated on 30th of April of every year.

Summer solstice

It's the longest day of the year.

Kermess and Thanksgiving

Advent time


The Central Saxon Culture SummerAnnual events

The Central Saxon Culture Summer" is one of the most varied German cultural festivals. Every summer the registered society which has the same name as the festival is called presents a cultural festival for three months. More than 40 cultural performances with over 3,000 people being active in them will be held in the region. The festival motto is:"Enjoy the landscape- experience the culture". One of the main goals of that festival is to make people deal with the local history and regional stories. That way the regional self-consciousness of the visitors is supposed to be strenghtened. While taking care for the Saxon traditions in the course of the festival, the festival shall also create new traditions which have an important influence on the cultural scene in Central Saxony to a great extend.

The festival aims at promoting the culture of various clubs, organisations and registered societies in Central Saxony and wants to inspire these to present themselves on the numerous stages of the region.

If you want to know more about the above described registered society and its programme, then click on:

Kermesse(Kermis) Celebration