How to get  best to the Central Saxony Area?

Wherever you live in the world the best way to come here is by aircraft. The nearest airports are Leipzig-Halle and Dresden.There's also a regional airport near Altenburg.

After your arrival at the airports of Leipzig-Halle or Dresden you should stay for a short break in these big cities of Saxony. One day is still enough to dive into the Saxon life and get to know with Saxon customs and traditions. A lot of things can be seen there. Let's take Dresden for example.There you can visit the world-famous Dresden Zwinger with its gallery. You'll never forget to have done that in your life. The other entry gate to Central Saxony, Leipzig, via the airport Halle-Leipzig is as interesting as Dresden. Here you can get in touch with the famous writer and poet of the German classic literature, Johann Wolfgang of Goethe. His world-known play "Doctor Faustus" partly took place here. So have an evening out in the so called "Auerbach's Keller", a fantastic restaurant and have a chat with Doctor Faustus and Mephisto, the devel.These will be enjoyable hours!

From these two entry gates you can start to discover the Central Saxon area. You can do that by hiring a car, taking a taxi or the train. Coming from Dresden, situated more in the east you can enjoy the Ore Mountains Foreland and if you travel a bit more to the south you'll reach the Ore Mountains ridge. You'll meet a wonderful scenery at each seasonal time there, especially in winter. If you come from Leipzig, from more being in the north, you'll travel through the Leipzig Lowland Area, the Hilly District and then further to the Ore Mountains Foreland and the Ore Mountains ridges.

The town of Chemnitz- your starting point for travelling through the Central Saxony Area

We'd like to recommend you to get to the centre of the Central Saxon area very quickly. So if you go to the City of Chemnitz you are in the midst of it. That's why it'll be very efficient for you to take a taxi shuttle from the Leipzig-Halle airport or Dresden airport to get there.

Bus and taxi operators

Taxibetieb Petzold (individual travelling, small groups are also possible)

Bus- und Taxibetrieb Fritzsche GmbH in Burgstädt( indivudual and group travelling)